When you’re unhappy, if you change, everything will change for you.

Overcoming narcissistic Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

You may fear change, so you don’t change and it keeps you stuck, yet if you change everything will change for you.

The first thing you have to change is your mindset and how you talk to yourself, then you start gathering more knowledge on ways to do this and keep doing this, wipe out those distractions, wipe out those bad memories, they are in the past, thinking of them keeps you stuck, your minds an incredible thing, and you can program it to think how you want, you have to consciously do it.

If you don’t change anything will change, if you change everything will change for you.

Find something easy that you can do, and no matter how hard it is to do, go out there and do it, then work hard at it with everything you’ve got, grow it develop it, learn from mistakes you make, change it and go again.

Do not neglect yourself, and do not neglect those easy things you can do, no matter how hard it is to get up and do them, get up, show up and take the easy step all the way to the top of your game, of who you want to be, of how you want to live, of where you want to be.

If wherever you are right now isn’t working for you, change it, get to the place where it is working for you.

Get up, show up and go again, we are here to grow, here to develop, here to learn and here to teach, we are not here to stay stuck in a place we don’t want to be. If you’re in a place you don’t want to be then change it, you can change what you want to become who you want to be and where you want to be.

What stops us from changing, fear of failure, fear of losing a safety net, fear of judgement, fear of others, that fear keeps you stuck in a place you don’t want to be.

Right on the other side of that fear is greatness.

Is it going to be hard at the times? yes, life is hard.

Are you going to make mistakes at times? yes, failure is our first attempt in learning.

Are you going to want to just quit at times? yes because results aren’t instant.

Is it not working for you now? If it isn’t change it. You deserve to be who you truly are for you.

You have to fill your own cup up until it’s overflowing, then give a little back.

If you make a mistake, wipe it up, learn from it, leave the mistakes in the past and take the lesson into your future and go again.

Don’t ever settle for things or people that keep you stuck, keep growing, keep learning, grow with those people who grow with you, walk with those people who fill you up, walk with those who want the best for you, help those who need and accept your help. Leave those who want to see you fail in your past.

The possibilities are endless, imagination is beautiful, grow it, tell yourself you can and you will, them keep going each and every day until you do.

Give up on those who only want to destroy you. Never ever give up on you.

If you feel stuck and you want things to change, then you’ve got to make a positive change for you.

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