Narcissistic people, lies they tell you about their ex’s.

Overcoming Narcissist abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw.

The lies a narcissist will say about their ex-partner.

They use the ex-partner for triangulation, the narcissist tells countless lies about the ex to you. Have you heard any of these? Please add in the comments any others you heard, to warn others.

The ones where they tell you the truth about what happened with the ex, they just reverse the roles and explain what’s about to happen in your future to you. All without you even knowing.

They were trapped by them, as they drip feed you lies of their past, with how well they are treating you, they will say the ex trapped them, how they just moved in with them and never left l, or how they made the narcissist move in with them, how within not long of meeting, I became pregnant because they messed with my birth control, or they became pregnant really fast, because they knew what a great parent the narcissist was and would not want to break up a family and leave the child. They will tell you just how blinded they were, but then they realised it wasn’t true love the ex just trapped them, is a horrible, nasty, manipulative person. They just wanted to stand by them, but once they’d trapped them.

their behaviour changed toward them. They will also say, there ’s nothing wrong with moving fast when you’ve met the one when you’ve found your soulmate, because of course the narcissist, wants to move fast with you.

They will tell you the ex-abused them, how horrible they were, how the narcissist gave it their all and got nothing in return, from silent treatment to cheating, how the ex is obsessed with them, yes they are simply smearing the ex to you, also protecting themselves if the ex tries to warn you, as the narcissist got in their first, with how amazing they are treating you, you believe that the ex was a horrible person, you feel sorry for them.

The ex is crazy. Completely bonkers, they stalk them, will not leave them alone, got fake profiles to stalk their social media. They’re not taking their social media down because they’re not going to let the crazy ex win, they follow them, wait outside their work. Come round to the house. If they come to talk to you, it’s all because they can not let go of the fact, that the narcissist saw them for who they were and finished with them, they have nothing and their lives are so empty, they can not move on without them, they’ll do anything to get them back. They’ll try and spilt is up,

Some of the ex’s usually, do look and act crazy, if you’ve got out of a relationship with a narcissist, you’ll now know exactly why, and what the narcissist drove them to think and feel.

The ones to get you to change and up your game to keep them with you.

Then there’s the one when you’ve been together a while, where they tell you. They should have stayed with the ex, as the ex treated them far better than you do, the ex would have never treated them how you do, it’s all your fault, you charmed them away from the love of their lives, you trapped them,

The ex, cooked better, parented better, looked better, they will tell you that they want to go back to the ex unless you try harder to be more like them.

That they still love the ex, that they’ve released what a massive mistake they’ve made, you’ve made them realise what true love is, they want to leave you and be with the one they truly love.

The ex loves and misses them, the ex keeps trying to get back together with me, don’t worry I’ll handle it, because I want to be with you as you treat me so well.

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