How Narcissists Frustrate You to Bring Out the Worst in You.

How Narcissists Frustrate You to Bring Out the Worst in You.

Dealing with a narcissist can be an incredibly frustrating and disheartening experience. Their manipulative tactics and self-centred behaviour tend to push the limits of anyone’s patience. In this article, we will explore various behaviours exhibited by narcissists that not only frustrate you but can bring out the worst in you. Examples of each behaviour will be highlighted, showcasing the reasons behind the immense frustration they elicit.

One way narcissists infuriate those around them is by repeatedly not answering simple questions. This evasive behaviour leaves you feeling ignored and unheard. For instance, a narcissist might continuously dodge inquiries regarding their actions or intentions, or they might give vague and misleading responses instead of straightforward answers. This behaviour is incredibly frustrating as it hinders effective communication and leaves you feeling dismissed and invalidated.

Furthermore, narcissists often have a knack for ruining special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or milestone, they have an uncanny ability to shift the focus onto themselves and turn a joyous event into a somber or chaotic affair. For example, they might start unnecessary arguments, make derogatory comments, or deliberately create tension amongst family members. This behaviour is not only frustrating but deeply hurtful, as it tarnishes the precious memories and celebrations you hoped to create.

Another characteristic behaviour narcissists exhibit is always having to be right. They believe their opinions and worldview are superior to others, dismissing any opposing views or valid arguments. This attitude can be toxic in relationships and can lead to constant power struggles, undermining the respect and cooperation required for healthy interactions. Their refusal to acknowledge differing perspectives or admit any wrongdoing can leave you feeling exasperated and unheard.

Narcissists also have a remarkable talent for rewriting history. They distort events and conversations to fit their narrative, often gaslighting others in the process. For instance, they might twist past events to paint themselves in a positive light or deny any responsibility for their actions. This rewriting of history can be incredibly frustrating as it undermines your own experiences and memories, causing uncertainty and self-doubt. It becomes a continuous battle to preserve the truth and hold onto your own sanity in the face of their manipulation.

Creating conflict, drama, and chaos seems to be second nature to narcissists. They thrive off stirring up trouble and pitting people against each other. This can be exemplified by starting rumours, spreading gossip, or creating unnecessary tension within social circles. Their thirst for attention and control fuels this behaviour, leaving you with a constant sense of unease and stress. The draining nature of their continuous turmoil can bring out the worst in you, as it becomes a challenge to remain calm and composed amidst the chaos they generate.

One particularly frustrating behaviour exhibited by narcissists is mocking you with noises, humming, or singing. They use these tactics to belittle and undermine you, often resorting to immature and condescending methods of ridicule. Whether it’s imitating your voice, making sarcastic remarks, or mocking your interests, this behaviour is meant to diminish your self-esteem and confidence. It is infuriating as it shows a complete lack of respect for your emotions and is designed to elicit negative reactions, bringing out the worst in you.

On the other hand, narcissists may also fall silent and refuse to communicate, leaving you in a perpetual state of anxiety and uncertainty. This silent treatment can go on for days or even weeks, during which you are left guessing and questioning what you’ve done wrong. The frustration lies in their power to control and manipulate your emotions, leaving you on edge and desperate for validation or resolution.

Furthermore, narcissists prioritise impressing strangers over taking responsibility for their own family. They may go to great lengths to maintain a facade of success and admiration among acquaintances or strangers but neglect the emotional well-being and needs of those closest to them. This behaviour is incredibly frustrating as it exemplifies their superficiality and lack of empathy, leaving you feeling unimportant and undervalued.

In conclusion, narcissists possess a range of behaviours that are not only frustrating but also have the ability to bring out the worst in those around them. From evading simple questions to rewriting history, creating conflict, and prioritising others’ opinions, their manipulative tactics and self-centeredness can be deeply challenging to endure. It is crucial to recognise and establish boundaries when dealing with narcissists to protect your own well-being and maintain a sense of self amidst their frustrating behaviours.

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