Exposing Narcissists: The Hypocrisy of Their Double Standards.

Exposing Narcissists: The Hypocrisy of Their Double Standards.

Double standards are a phenomenon that occurs when different principles or expectations are applied to different individuals or situations. It is an inherently unfair practice that promotes hypocrisy and inconsistency. Unfortunately, these double standards are often prevalent in the behaviour of narcissists, who exploit their power and control over others while expecting to be exempt from the same standards they impose.

One striking aspect of narcissists’ double standards is their expectation that others be held accountable while they themselves evade consequences. For narcissists, accountability is a burden that they are unwilling to bear. They are quick to point out the flaws and mistakes of others, demanding perfection, but when confronted with their own errors, they deflect and deny any responsibility. This creates an imbalanced power dynamic where narcissists hold the reins of judgment, while evading any personal consequences.

Furthermore, narcissists demand constant attention and validation, disregarding and criticising others in the process. They crave the spotlight, expecting admiration and adoration from those around them. However, when it comes to acknowledging the accomplishments or needs of others, they dismiss and belittle them. This severe lack of empathy and inability to recognise the worth of others showcases the double standards inherent in narcissistic behaviour.

Another aspect of narcissists’ double standards is their belief that they are entitled to power and control, while simultaneously denying others the right to assert themselves. Narcissists thrive on maintaining dominance over others, asserting their authority without question. However, when confronted with someone who expresses assertiveness or challenges their control, narcissists quickly become defensive or even hostile. This serves as a reminder that the power imbalance in their relationships is rooted in a one-sided pursuit of dominance, revealing their hypocrisy.

Furthermore, narcissists demand loyalty, respect, and honesty from others, all while engaging in deceitful and disrespectful behaviour themselves. They expect unwavering loyalty from those around them, striving to maintain an image of superiority. However, they have no qualms about lying, cheating, or betraying the trust of others. This blatant disregard for honesty and respect only highlights the double standards narcissists employ to maintain their own self-interest.

In addition, narcissists exploit the vulnerabilities of others while expecting their own vulnerabilities to be treated with respect. They are masters at identifying the weaknesses and insecurities of those around them and manipulating them to their advantage. This predatory behaviour feeds their ego and reinforces their sense of superiority. However, if their own vulnerabilities are exposed or exploited, they react with extreme aggression and indignation. This contradiction in their behaviour underscores the double standards that narcissists apply when it comes to vulnerability.

Also, narcissists, often demand forgiveness for actions they would never consider forgiving themselves. This contradictory behaviour highlights their profound sense of entitlement and lack of empathy. Narcissists expect amnesty for misconducts they deem unforgivable in others, revealing their deeply ingrained belief in their own superiority and exemption from moral accountability. They perceive themselves as foolproof and deserving of endless forgiveness while simultaneously refusing to extend such leniency to those who may have erred against them. This tendency illuminates the narcissist’s true essence: a fragile ego masked by an egoistic facade. Clinging to a set of double standards allows them to maintain their inflated self-image, shielding themselves from confronting their own flaws and mistakes.

Lastly, narcissists often set impossible standards for others, while embracing mediocrity for themselves. They expect perfection, excellence, and success from those they wield power over. However, their own actions often fall short of these expectations. They revel in their own mediocrity and lack of achievement, dismissing any criticism or accountability. This unbalanced approach to standards demonstrates the hypocrisy ingrained in narcissistic behaviour.

In conclusion, the double standards exhibited by narcissists are both astonishing and disturbing. They demand accountability, perfection, attention, loyalty, forgiveness and respect from others while evading consequences, embracing mediocrity, and displaying a lack of empathy themselves. This hypocrisy and inconsistency expose the true nature of narcissistic behaviour and the unhealthy power dynamic they seek to maintain. Recognising these double standards is crucial in protecting oneself and dismantling the control narcissists seek to exert over those around them.

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