Love Yourself After Narcissistic Abuse.

You cannot love someone you don’t know.

We spend our whole life searching for someone to love us. We need to stop and love ourselves first because the best relationship we can have is the one with ourselves. We try to find happiness and joy and love in items like clothes, shoes, cars. This gives us temporary relief. Once you love yourself, a simple walk, soaking up the world around you, will bring that inner joy, happiness and love. Yes, it’s nice to have nice things. I’m not arguing there, but it is even nicer when you can truly love yourself. Real love comes from a connection within yourself, meanings, Then relationship, you need to learn to love yourself first, what you want, who you are, what matters to you most and what you value most. You can not love yourself if you don’t know yourself first.

You cannot truly connect with others, and others can not truly connect you if you don’t honestly know who you are. Build on your self-awareness, build on your self-trust, build on your inner love, build on your knowledge, build on your values, build on your standards, build on your hopes and your dream, then make them a reality. You can, and you will. You’ll know then within yourself those people that you want in your life and those that you don’t. Yes, it might be hard at times. Mistakes happen. Believe in yourself and what you want out of life for yourself first. Be proud of yourself. Get to know what your true likes and dislikes are. Then go be proud of yourself go, love, yourself, if you still want to meet the one, they will be drawn to you, if they’re the wrong one, you’ll be happy within yourself and know to let go.

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Elizabeth Shaw is not a Doctor or a therapist. She is a mother of five, a blogger, a survivor of narcissistic abuse, and a life coach, She always recommends you get the support you feel comfortable and happy with. Finding the right support for you. Elizabeth has partnered with BetterHelp (Sponsored.) where you will be matched with a licensed councillor, who specialises in recovery from this kind of abuse.

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