Reproductive Abuse, And Why They Have Children.

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse, By Elizabeth Shaw – Life Coach.

What is reproductive abuse and why narcissistic people have children?

Reproductive coercion or reproductive control.

The three forms of reproductive coercion are pregnancy coercion, birth control coercion, control of the outcome of the pregnancy coercion.

Pregnancy coercion is when the partner puts pressure on you to have a child, they can either put the admiration face on and go on and on about how great it would be to have a child, until you want one, or use verbal threats and other manipulation tactics.

Birth Control sabotage, they’ll either mess with pills, hiding them or removing condoms after agreeing to wear one, women saying they are on birth control when they are not.

Controlling the outcome of the pregnancy, again through lots of manipulation tactics, to influence someone into keeping the baby, or aborting the baby, through intimidation and threats.

A narcissistic person believes they are entitled to do as they please, regardless of the effects it has on those around them. They exploit people to get their own needs met.

A narcissist that wants children, simply believes the children are an extension of themselves.

With a narcissist all they do is further manipulate, they will stop at nothing to manipulate, including children.

Did your narcissist want to have a baby with you, not long after you had met? They will want children with you, no matter how many they already have, or how many you have.

This is all just another manipulative tool for the narcissist, to help them achieve their aims.

There are several ways narcissist use having a child together. For manipulation, not all narcissist want children, those that do, want them very early on, to prove how committed they are to you. Two people falling in lovemaking that comment together to create new life. The promise to have children with you is only so they can get what they want from you.

You’re still in the idolisation period, this amazing person wants to have children with you, it’s all your dreams coming true. It made to seem like a loving and romantic comment that they want children with you, Weather it’s the male narcissist getting you pregnant, or the female narcissist carrying your child. It’s all another manipulation technique, to re-enforce their dominance over you and conquer you.

To the male narcissist, they believe they are planting their very essence deep inside of you. They may use the term. “Planting my seed.” Or “I chose you to be my incubator.” As we are an appliance to them, where we boil a kettle for hot water to meet a need, they manipulate people to meet a need. To the male narcissist getting you pregnant is the ultimate accomplishment. They feel powerful and they place what they believe to be their essence inside of you. It’s the ultimate conquest.

They believe they have placed themselves inside you.

From the female narcissist point of view, they believe they have consumed a part of you inside them. They also feel powerful and that they have conquered you.

Those narcissists who want children will make good of their promises, possible the only promises they will keep after the idolisation period, they will have a child with you for their own gains, one is to bind you to them through the child, having a child with you, means to them that you are far less likely to escape them, if you leave or they cheat, your far more likely to go back if you have a child together. You want the perfect family and In that idolisation period, who better to have this with, then after the idolisation period, you want the dream back of that perfect family, it messes with our reality, causing cognitive dissonance, within our minds.

The narcissist knows because of your empathy, you will dedicate yourself to the children’s upbringing, you will have a huge obstacle in your way, when you’ve had enough of their behaviour and want to leave, as you’ll not want to take the child away from the parent, it’s also not as easy to walk away with a child, and start afresh then it would be if it was just you. you will allow them to reduce their own involvement, as with a narcissist they are lacking in support unless they have something to gain from it.

Narcissist use children to keep their hold over you, to keep you tied to them.

Neither male or female narcissist have children because they want children with you. Males purely use the female as an incubator. You are just the narcissist host. Once you are pregnant a lot of male narcissists will cast you aside, not all will, you are just an appliance, to carry their offspring, they are now free, to chase another appliance.

If the pregnancy remains in the idolisation period, you’ll be doted on.

Once the children have arrived they are then used as pawns in the narcissists never-ending game of chess, where they will always try to through you into checkmate, whichever way you turn. They are used to create competition with you, they will triangulate children off against each other and you. Divide and conquer, is what the narcissist is all about. You may have heard them say, “I love you more than daddy don’t I?”Or “I love you more than mummy don’t I?” They will also say things like. “Don’t tell mummy but she doesn’t love you only I do.” Or “ don’t tell daddy about this, but he doesn’t love you, only I do.”

They use these kinds of words so the children know who is their master, and don’t want to approach the other parent as the children don’t think the other parent loves them.

They use these words to manipulate and triangulate you with the children.

“Isn’t mummy/daddy grumpy today.”

“I’ll let you, But mummy/daddy wouldn’t.”

“Daddy / Mummy is too strict or regimented.”

“Aren’t you happy you look exactly like me.”

“Have this money, but don’t tell Daddy/Mummy as they’ll be annoyed with you for taking it.”

A lot will fight tooth and Nail for their children, anyone perceived to criticise the children, from teachers to managers of the team sport they play, will feel the wrath of the narcissist, if their child isn’t picked for a first-team spot, they will depend, condemn the choices of others. Stomp off with the child. They will use this to appear like they are the doting daddy, the marvellous mummy. A perfect parent that wants the best for their children.

If the child is behind at school, or in popularity you will be blamed, it will be all your fault if the children are not the best at everything.

If you’ve separated, what they once told you was good about your parenting, will now be turned against you, what a terrible parent you are. How you’re damaging the children. They will use the children to draw any emotional gain they can from you however they can, if they walk away from the children, it’ll be because “you’re bitter and twisted.” And will not allow them to see the children, you may be involved with the type of narcissist that will battle for custody because your crazy. If safeguarding issues are in place so you stop access, they will not see this. As they are never accountable, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Lastly, they have children for a legacy, so they believe they will live on, they believe their greatness lives on through the achievements of their children. “ they get their brains from me.” Or “They get their sporting abilities from me.” The narcissist will always take the credit for what the children achieve. They don’t believe the child achieves anything, they believe that they caused the children’s achievements.

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