Help Surviving Narcissistic Abuse.

Hello, welcome and about me.

I’m Liz, and I’m a single mother to five amazing boys, three with the ex-husband and two with the ex narcissist.

When I hit rock bottom with three young children and a toxic husband I had to leave the family home with the three young children and start over, slowly building myself back up for a brighter future, after five years alone I decided it was time to start dating again which is when I met the ex narcissist.

To begin with, life was incredible. He swept me off my feet, matched all my likes and dislikes and seemed perfect in every way, I knew something was wrong yet the reality I was living I couldn’t work out what, he started to stop over, and without discussion, he’d moved in. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with our first child that cracks started to appear, he would upset me to the point I’d cry inconsolably, he just sat and watched me cry with a glint in his eye and for a moment a smirk on his face, yet still, I stayed to help him destroy me. He had a crazy ex, and the things his son was talking to me about wasn’t matching the things the narcissist was saying, he had a string of crazy ex’s, doubts crept in, yet the narcissist was telling me I was insecure, I was crazy, I was sensitive, that never happened, after having our firstborn telling me I was depressed and should sign the house over to him. Things would go missing from the home, to which he blamed his eldest child, divide and conquer, triangulation so that his son could not give me any more information.

When faced with facts and evidence of things he’d done, he would deny, shout, rage, project and blame shift it all onto me, leaving me doubting myself and reality and afraid to speak up about anything to anyone.

All special occasions ruined, from Christmas to birthdays, holidays to days out. Silent treatments and me then begging and pleading finding ways to make up for things I hadn’t even known I’d done, walking on eggshells, fearing saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, no longer seeing friends and family as I’d been isolated from most support, feeling confused, crazy and drained, illness after illness hit, I managed to break it off several times after several affairs, only to listen to all his false apology’s how it was my fault he’d cheated if only I’d done this, that and the other he would have been loyal, he wanted my help to help him change, little did I know by me helping him I was slowly destroying myself.

Been told I’m worth nothing, I’ll never be anything, I’ll never do anything, I’m not lovable, I’ll never find anyone else, I’ll never be happy, and I’m crazy, slowly believing those toxic words and allowing them to take control of my own mind.

Until finally I had the courage to break free, only for him to move in across the road, nobody falls in love faster than a narcissist who needs somewhere to live.

Still not knowing what I was dealing with after a hideous few months trying to co-parent and me making excuses for his lack in seeing the children, his behaviour changed. He was regularly seeing the children, then he left the lady across the road and wanted to come back, yet I had a taste of freedom, so he moved in with his mother and spent eighteen months love bombing until the lady across the road had his child. This again was my fault for not taking him back, to fix this he wanted to get married and have another child, I finally stood my ground and said no, this is when all hell broke loose as the narcissist had finally lost control of my mind, threats where made, non-molestation orders gotten, custody battles police calls, oh and within a week of wanting to get married he was living back across the road, which in fact is a breach of the order, yet while the children and I are ok, this has no impact on us,

The dreams I had, all the plans I’d made, had been crushed one by one throughout my relationship, until I was left alone, confused and no longer knowing who I was, an empty shell of my former self. The reality of what life was supposed to be far different from the reality of what I was now living.

This was me in the relationship, drained, lost, confused, full of pain and conflict.

If this is you now, living that kind of life, feeling alone, on edge and confused, there is another way. There is happiness right around the corner.

I am now free and happier than ever. This is now me creating and living the life of my dreams toxic-free.

I’ve been researching the narcissistic personality disorder for a few years now. It’s become a great passion of mine to help others break free and create a whole new life for themselves. I have a YouTube channel full of information, a blog with information, closed groups for people to help and support each other, an online course and a 1-2-1 coaching program available.

The online course.

If you would like any more information about any of the services I offer, please email, or message the page.

This is me now, my children and me. I’ve finally broken free, all the dreams I had, all the plans I’d made, living free, living happy, and achieving the goals I created.

This could be you too. If you are feeling lost and stuck, like the world is against you and you just can not break the pattern. I’d love to help you break the pattern and achieve the life of happiness you deserve for you, joy and laughter and create those dreams you have for yourself, or find and create new dreams, whatever they might be into a reality, the possibilities are endless.

2 thoughts on “Help Surviving Narcissistic Abuse.

  1. I haven’t left yet but plan to soon… I have a question, can you get the narc to leave? I have invested so much in my home, I will own it in the next couple years and my 17 year old daughter have lived here since she was 6 months old. My narc is my husband of 25 years and my partner for more than 28 years but after numerous break ups and the roller coaster rides I am ready to leave. What can I do?

    1. Hello, sorry to hear you are going through this, you are far from alone. where are you in the world? I know a few In the Uk have done this, in Uk you can apply for occupational orders, or if he does the walk out, wait until then and don’t allow him back, I wouldn’t risk escalating anything to get him to leave, as you never know what they might do.

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