Consciously Reprogram Your Mindset To What You Want.

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw – Life Coach.

Learn to focus your mind onto what it is you do want from life now.

As much as you try to move away from pain, your mind may still be focused on it, meaning your emotions will be too.

Humans are designed to survive at all cost. Therefore you will focus on the pain, to find subconscious coping methods for your fight for survival, human minds are more interested in survival than they are your happiness. So your mind is always on the lookout for danger.

The narcissist caused you lots of pain, through manipulation, words and possibly physical violence, and now your brain is focused on them, confusing you even more.

If your subconscious is filling your mind with negativity, it’ll take you there, So now you need to take control of your mind and consciously think positivities thoughts, visual them in your mind or looking at photos, and you’ll subconsciously take yourself there, so long as you consciously take action to take yourself there.

Write down your goals, and start taking action in achieving them, focus your time and energy into putting positive affirmations into your mind, consciously removing any negative ones.

It’s time to reprogram your own mindset, into a positive, happy person, to where you want to be, we are allowed off days, just deal with them and move past them. Start working on your mind and your future today.

Repeatedly telling yourself what it is you want, then going out and getting it for you.

What you resist persists, what you focus on grows stronger, so keep those positive thoughts, great things can happen for you, only you have to action them.

So start thinking about what you do want from life, then go to work on achieving it.

Anything is possible if you can see someone else doing something, you can do that too, if you want to.

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