When a narcissist dates a narcissist

What happens when a narcissist dates a narcissist,

Some of you may question.

Do they know each other are narcissistic?

Do they seek a narcissistic partner?

Are they united together to get others?

How do they act towards each other?

When it comes to the lesser and mind range narcissist most don’t know what they are, so they do not know the other is a narcissist.

Greater narcissistic people do however recognise what they are, although they’ll never admit it unless there is something for them to gain from it.

Two narcissist of the same type, so two midrange, two lesser, two greater, two somatics, two overt, two covert etc, cannot sustain, a long term relationship, two of a different kind, if you get the right mix, can have a longer term relationship, they will hit it off, and supply each other with great emotions, this will turn into arguments again, getting great emotions, as they’ll always be envious of each other, they will at some point devalue each other wish my also last years, just like a narcissist and an empath its an extremely unhealthy dynamic of a relationship, here are a few examples of this.

When the lesser and the lesser are together, because they don’t know what they are, they might try to seduce each other, but in most cases, it will never fully get off the ground as because they are not empaths, they fail early on to fully seduce and mirror and they move on as they are not getting the positive emotions they need. So most do have enough instinct to know that the other person will not fill the truly with the emotional reactions they need.

Sometimes they may not fully know and will end up being in a romantic relationship, this is rare, usually if they’ve been the ones to be discarded by an empath and have no one else, they’ll roll with the relationship, out of desperation, because there isn’t a truly golden period towards each other the relationship will be turbulent and short lived. They will devalue and discard each other fast.

With siblings, if your narc had a narcissist sibling, they will seek to draw fuel from each other. They will always try to outdo each other. They will demand attention from each other. A lesser victim would want the other narcissist to help them, a lesser somatic narcissist would help in the Expectation of gaining something in return. The lesser victim will not thank them, so the somatic will mock the victim, so the next time the victim asks for help the somatic will not, causing criticism to the vitamin narcissist, with the victim they will lash out at the somatic, they will give each other negative emotions as they rage at each other, they will continually insult each other and physically fight, they will keep going back and forth for more fuel, then separate and then come back together, neither may truly discard the other, they may not separate for long, they will always want to out each other, hurt each other, and at times will

Be they will be united against others, that criticise them, they are drawn to each other, they will try to seduce each other’s partners.

Mid-range is more likely to use, pity plays, silent treatment than physical violence.

When these two get together, they also don’t truly know what they are, or what the other is.

They play cat and mouse with each other, role reversal with who’s the cat one day to the next.

A midrange will be able to manipulate a lesser easier, the midrange will use passive aggressive behaviour, the lesser will provoke the mid-range, and the midrange will play the victim hard done to person.

In a romantic relationship, the lesser will, aim to Seduce a midrange and the midrange will see some charm in them. They’ll not know what each other is a narcissist but the midrange will notice the lack of empathetic traits, the lesser cannot fake them well enough to truly seduce the midrange narcissist.

With siblings, the lesser will be jealous of the midrange and they will try to draw reactions from them. The midrange will most likely do better for themselves within life which will criticise the lesser,

The lesser will mock the midrange to gain reactions, things like they are a snob, or they had a hand up in life. The lesser will often verbally attack the midrange narcissist, the midrange will either give the silent treatment to them, or pity plays with those around the siblings. They will provide each other with emotion the lesser will try to get the midrange to stop the silent treatment, the lesser may play victim to those around them because of the silent treatment, the will lash out at the midrange.

In friendships, the lesser will want to be friends with the midrange, to gain traits from, the midrange will want the lesser as a friend to be on of their flying monkeys, at first it may work, but with both expecting the other to do things for them and in time neither getting anything in return, they will clash and part, then they may seek each other out again if needed. They will drag those around them into their arguments and will divide and conquer friends. The midrange will use silent games and the lesser will be physically violent, these will most likely not see it through the golden period. Although in the devaluation of each other they will meet each other needs of emotions so this might last a while.

Some narcissist does manage long term relationships with each other, often switching roles of good cop, bad cop, when one’s been submissive they eventually have enough and become aggressive causing the other to play the victim and become submissive, a lot of role reversal in these relationships.

Some say if you’ve watched the wizard of oz, one is the great wizard of oz, whilst the other is behind the curtain pushing the buttons, again these roles can be reversed.

They can gain emotions from each other to fill their inner voids, yet it’s never a truly happy relationship.

They seem to swap roles between overt and covert narcissist,

Two greater narcissistic people together, They can become a high power couple. Often working together as well as against each other to destroy those around them.

When they are together it’s a never-ending power play and competition.

If you have any experience people you know of who you believe is narcissist dating narcissist, please add it into the comments.

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