The narcissist, mid range.

Midrange narcissist.

These have a reasonable level of cognitive function. Passive aggressive behaviours, pity plays, playing the victim. Some calculation.

still doesn’t know who they are or what they do like the lesser narcissist.

The lower midrange narcissist will still use aggression to get control. Not as much as the lesser but they will still use it. They may resort to physical violence. This type of narcissist when angered and losing control will attempt to throttle you, they usually have some form of substance abuse. They will work and have a job, just not a remarkable job. They use silent treatment and temper tantrums, they like to make people feel sorry for them. They are petulant and most likely to become the incredible sulk when things aren’t going how they want. Stopping off on days out. They don’t have much control over their anger, they have little charm. Not much financial power and rely on people feeling sorry for them. They rely on people with great empathy not knowing what they are to help them, happily playing victim to achieve this. They will use an intimate partner more than anything, if they’ve not got a backup, there will be times they sulk back of to their parents. You have to have great empathy to put up with these because of how often they will sulk. The intimate partner will be required to run the house, work, pay the bills and take care of the children. Whilst the lower midrange narcissist chips in now and again. They often borrow money off friends and family, as well as their intimate partner. As they seek pity and sympathy they usually keep the family on the side in this way, although they will happily dish out the silent treatment with. Then use the woe is my or eating humble pie, to approach them when the family members can be of use to them. People who know they will think of them as moody. They will put up with them because the lower midrange uses self-pity. Lacking in charm, regarded as self-centered and moody they have few friends. As they are quite simply a Mardie arse they only have 2-6 friends in their inner circle. They work and have a couple of work colleague friends who will also not hold them in high regard due to their sulky nature. They will usually have an intimate partner lined up whilst they devalue the one they are with.

The middle midrange has a little charm, but often lack behaving in a respectable manner, and often lacks manners. They are not big on attention seeking, but they do want to be well thought of. They are relatively intelligent and usually hold down a good steady job. Like all narcissists, they are overly sensitive to any criticism. They feel restricted within themselves when they lack the ability to control everyone around them. They are very envious people and often use covert forms of manipulation. They are extremely two-faced. Love spending gossip and always try to manipulative others to do what they class as dirty work. They are cowardly on the inside although they’ll not show it. They will resort to pity plays. Heated anger is rare the midrange middle narcissist much prefers the use of silent treatment. If the anger is violent it will be slapping. Spitting and shouting. They are a major liar. Like all narcissists, but these enjoy spreading untrue gossip about those around them. The intimate partner will be guilt-tripped by them to do everything for them. They will use blame shifting and project as well as silent treatment. Yet they like to make out that they are a good person. The family are usually compliment towards them and they have a good few inner circles of friends. Although not seeing them regularly. Hit and miss as to when they pick them up for a few months then drop them for a while. They do like to make people feel sorry for them. With work colleagues. Some will regard them quilt highly. Whilst others will regard them as untrustworthy. They don’t have extensive friends. They do nearly always have some form of an intimate partner. Long term or short and they are always on the lookout for the next intimate partner. They will try to have two intimate partners at the same time. Although they don’t know what they are. They know they are fake and they will do all they can to make sure they don’t know about each other.

The upper midrange narcissist has considerable intelligence and charm. They have greater sophistication and calculation in what they do. Master of manipulation also likening to use the silent treatment. They use silent treatment to a greater effect than the lesser narcissists. They are extremely capable of playing people against each other. They don’t tantrum like another narcissist. They have a greater knowledge to work out people’s insecurities and use them against them. They rarely hit or threaten although if all else fails they will. They like to exclude people from those around them. The most narcissist like to limit people the intimate partner sees but the upper midrange has greater tactics to achieve this. They will have decent financial ability.

They are usually well regarded by family, work colleagues and friends. They prefer to work in big firms. They will have made one or two enemy’s with friends, family and work colleagues. They will have a large circle of friends. They will have a few inner circles of friends. They are more than capable of having two or more intimate partners at the same time and keeping them from finding out about each other. They try their best to make sure the intimate partners never find out about each other. Through manipulative words they enjoy triangulation.

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