The narcissist, lesser narcissist.

Knowing what kind of narcissist you are dealing with can be helpful. Although narcissist all have the same traits, they all have subtle differences. Not all narcissist are amazing looking and self-obsessed about looking at their reflection. Some are but not all. I believe from what I’ve read there is the lesser. midrange and greater narcissist. This one is about the lesser.

A lesser narcissist

They are usually low functioning and have no clue what they are or what they are doing, still, blame shifting and projection like most Narcissist they have great a need to use people like any other narcissist. The Hoover from a Lesser Narcissist will not be as intense once they realise you are no longer interested they will seek someone new instead as this is easier for them. They will only hoover if the ex is to them offering it on a plate, which a lot of us do through trauma bond. They have low energy levels and see little to be gained in higher stake approaches because they are low energy they simply can not be bothered and always chose the easiest route for themselves. A lesser is not usually interested in punishment.

The lesser narcissist. all will gaslight, silent treatment, and manipulate like any other narcissist.

The lower lesser.

These are usually lacking in intelligence, usually leaving school early or as soon as they can, with no job or a low skilled job. They will usually play on the woe is me, helpless victim attitude to con their partner to look after them. Sponge of people, often in debt, often has a substance abuse problem. Most people class them as a good for nothing, they will usually resort to violence. They will usually use a family member to abuse rather than a relationship. Their lack of intelligence and looks means they will bully people to get their needs met. With a family member, they don’t need to seduce them, as there is already a connection. They are very lazy. If they find a partner they will be extremely reliant on them for everything. They will try and find someone who benefits them in some way, like money because they don’t work, home because they have nowhere to live. The main weapon of lower lesser is aggression and violence, they will have alienated a lot of family members. They will have few inner circles of friends if they manage to find an intimate partner there will probably only ever be one. They will spend most of their time at home, they will have limited hobbies and interests.

The middle lesser is similar to the lower but will have a bit better control over their anger. They may also have substance abuse. Not much charm and still aggressive. They will be in full-time work. They will use aggressive fear to keep people attached to them. The intimate partner will still be relied on for things like money or a home. They will have alienated some family members and have few friends. They may have a couple of work friends. This will be down to the fact work colleagues would prefer to stay on side. Then deal with their temper. They will have a high turn over of friends, and only have an inner circle of friends. they like to be at home, but will venture out but limited, driving range, pub, a sports venue. Probably going out once or twice a week, as they have some confidence, they will likely have a backup plan for a new partner whilst with the current partner. The will take the piss out of anyone and everyone as well as anger and violence on those close.

The upper lesser. They are lesser because of their need to use physical abuse. They may also have substance abuse. They have a low threshold of control, but more than the lower and mid-range. and engage in violence to control, they have intelligence in some ways. They might not always be academically smart, they are confident and very street wise. They are a rough diamond with some charm. They will be disliked by others for their lack of respect and lack of manners. They will usually have an ok job. They will be tolerated by others, but often spoken about behind their backs. They will believe they are held as high regard to those around them. The lack of empathy means they don’t see what others say about them. They believe they are honest with a say it as they see it kind of approach to people. They are direct to the point and of course, they are always right. They love to spin tails about themselves about what they’ve achieved or done, or how they will retire at the age of 45 and travel the world with no actual ability to achieve this. They lie constantly and basically talk a load of crap. They will mess around with plans and arrangements. They mostly use the intimate partner to gain emotions from. They will use intimidation and violence. They will use family members as scapegoats, often slating families members behind their backs. They are cunning and very sly individuals they will have an inner and outer circle of circle of friends. They are swift to discard friend who they feel have let them down and will make new ones with ease. They regard themselves as attractive and irresistible to other. They will always have an intimate partner, they will also always have a backup plan or two, they will always be sexting message to someone else. They will make sure they lash out at those who don’t toe the line with words mostly so those around them conform.

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