Greater narcissist.

The greater narcissist,

The lower greater narcissist, these are charismatic, scheming and intelligent. They have greater control over the anger and will shout, threaten, then turn the charm back on at the flick of a switch. To smooth over with great ease the situation following the anger. These are more prone to use violence. They can maintain control of their anger for a great amount of time. They rely on their charm to smooth over any physical violence. These will most likely always have an intimate partner. They can manage without an intimate partner but will usually have a few in the lineup. With their charm will find it easy to attract partner often having one waiting in the background. They give exs horrendous devaluation and will move on swiftly. Members of their family hold them in high regard. They will use some family members as scapegoats. Probably a job with a senior management role. They will have lots of work colleagues that respect them and a large group of inner circle friends. They can often call up people to join them on little notice. They are usually well known and liked within the local community. They don’t mind intimate partners finding out about each other, because of their charm they will happily use this to triangulate and get them to fight over them. Also relying on threats to keep intimate partners with them until the narcissist is ready to move on. They believe it’s there right to have more than one partner.

The Midrange greater.

A very grand flamboyant individual very intelligent and extremely good with people.

They are extremely successful and draw people in with ease. They may own and run their own business and are very talented individuals. They are extremely popular and usually famous people they like being on stage. people adore them and want to be around them. They are ambitious highly driven with very high energy levels.

They make others feel like they are the only person in the room. Charming charismatic they will crush people who get in their way.

They are likely to have been or will be married several times. With their extremely good looks, they have no trouble drawing people in.

They are extremely manipulative with gaslighting, they rarely use physical violence and will smear anyone who crosses them. Because of there good looks, charm, popularity and fan club, people will always believe them. They are not always famous but most of the middle greater narcissist will aim to be famous. They will have lots of friends often fighting over them for attention.

The upper greater narcissist.

The most dangerous, these are very intelligent people. They are extremely aware of who they are, what they do. Everything is done with great calculation. A planner and. Schemer rarely impulsive they consider the outcomes before any form of manipulation to use what will achieve the best result. They have a great knowledge of those around them. They have an amazing memory skill. They enjoy behind the scene deals. The end always justifies the means to them, anyone who crosses them will be destroyed. Greatly charming but with a side to them that has those around them terrified. They will use charm and threat to get all those around them to convert to there way of thinking. This narcissist should never be underestimated. They will have plenty of choice for an intimate partner. The golden period is short yet extremely intense the discarded will be hiddious. They are the puppet master of manipulation. Rarely using physical violence. They can be very cold towards others, but as others fear them so much they will still do as the narcissist, pleases. People will either find them as simply brilliant and do as they please, or will be that terrified of them they will still go what

the narcissist wants. The upper greater uses a lot of blackmail to get their needs met. They are extremely influential people and those who try to go up against them will live to regret it. Because of their influence and charm, they will have no end of alliances. These more than any other will operate a double life.

Some narcissists do cross over some of the categories. This is basic information as with any personality disorder its on a spectrum varying from each narcissistic individual.

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