Narcissist pillars

Narcissist have pillars that hold them up. If any are picked at by anyone, a narcissist fury and rage will show to keep up their appearance. A lot of these pillars are interlinked.

Lack of empathy, the have empathy within themselves but only for themselves, they have no empathy for those around them.

Status. They all want to stand out, it’s important to all types of narcissist.

Cerebral academics and sport plus best clothes, hair cuts cars, etc

Somatic as the cerebral but the best status for somatic is sport.

Elite anything and everything has to be the best, status to material positions.

Entitlement, all narcissist believe they are entitled to everything, they have a very low regard to peoples boundaries and believe people should give them everything they want. They never feel guilt or remorse for what they do. As they believe they are entitled to do so.

Superiority, they believe they are far superior than anyone and everything around them. They do not care for others as they class them as an object to use for their disposal, they’re not bothered if you feel worried or upset, they just want you to serve them. As they are so good to charm, Seduce and manipulate, that just confirms in their own heads they are superior.

Lack of accountability. It’s never their fault, they will always find someone else who is to blame, if you try to get them to be accountable they will deny twist it onto you, then make you feel guilty, denial is their key component. They will say things like

“You are too sensitive” “You are always on my case” “It wasn’t that bad”.

If you have actual proof they will say stuff like.

“That’s just the way I am, deal with it.”; “I can’t help it” “It was you that made me act that way”

Our lack of accountability includes

Behaving as they want Ignoring rules, Never accepting blame Never apologising Not helping in any scenario be it work or home Having no regard for legal process, Making and then breaking agreements, Failing to pay in respect of obligations such as bills, lying to maintain the avoidance of accountability they absolutely love Challenging those in authority.

Their last act to denial is to walk away, silent treatment, so you question yourself.

Blame shifting, they love projecting all the blame onto those around them.

you. Projection serves both as a defence mechanism for them and a method of control concerning you.

Omnipotence in the narcissist world they are like the star of a real life film and all around them are just the insignificant extras. They love drama caused to others and they love to destroy. They will exploit your weakness and vulnerability. They believe no one can ever stand in their way, if they do they simply destroy them.

Attention seeking. Narcissist love attention by any means possible.

Boasting, Showing off, ruining special occasions for others, birthdays etc Feigning illness, Causing a scene, Requiring you to attend on me by cooking, cleaning etc for them Grand gestures, if they don’t get attention they will throw Tantrums Silent treatment and other manipulative behaviour designed to gain your attention.

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