Help after leaving narcissist

So you believe your ex and your children’s other parent is a narcissist, they might be, they might not be. We all have some narcissistic traits. It’s a spectrum of yet another personality we’ve labelled in modern times. If you have no safeguarding issues for the children, it’s always best for children to grow up and get to know both parents for themselves, they will always love the

on some level. Right now you need to make you, you’re best possible self for the children, not easy if you’ve split from a true narcissist but believe in yourself it can be done. If others have done it so can you, anything is possible.

Make the most of your time together with your children . Children can and will thrive with the unconditional love of one stable parent. Eventually, they will grow up and and know the difference between a narcissistic personality and other personality’s, surround yourself and your children with as many positive people as you can to counteract the mental abuse.

Make your life the best, kill the ex’s with kindness, make sure you show your children how you should treat people as your children probably spend most of the time with you, if children need outside help to deal with it get it. The earlier they know it’s ok to reach out the happier and healthier they will grow.

Limit contact with the narcissist parent, some narcissist parents will do this by themselves.

No phone calls when children are with you, no FaceTime etc, give the children free from mind games times.

Create a stable routine for your children and when they see the other parent, this will help you and your children know exactly where they are and when. Stick to this routine no matter what the ex it throwing your way. You are doing this for your children’s, safety, security and happiness. Have a back up plan of the ex is a no show, keep smiling keep happy thoughts.

Set firm boundaries with respect to what you will adjust if the ex is late to pick up the children or late returning them. Provide the ex a deadline to pick up the children,if they don’t arrive within 20 min of that time ( allow for traffic delays etc,) then just go out or just don’t answer the door.

The most likely outcome if you can stay strong is the relationships between the parent with alienating behaviors and Badmouthing eventually backfires. Stay constant, depending on age stick to fact. Do not fight fire with fire. Put it out by blaming no one to your child. Explain it’s no one persons fault. Things happen and people just don’t get on all the time. You’re child we realise this in the own time.

Try to keep your mind busy, try new things with your children and without when they are visiting the other parent. Stay positive stay happy. You’ve got this xxx

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