Victim narcissist

A victim narcissist

All narcissists like to play at being the victim at some point but not all narcissists are of the victim narcissist. Victim Narcissist think the world as a place they have been denied everything they are entitled to, looks love money etc this means that they rely on others to provide it to them instead. The Victim Narcissist finds people to repair their failings such as lack of money, lack of home, lack of job and lack of everything . He will never fix their narcissism and no one can fix they. As they don’t even know they are a narcissist, these ones tend to be a lesser narcissist, still manipulative and hurt full but have no idea what they are doing and no clue it’s wrong. You can not help them. Some might be mid range narcissist, with a steady job. But don’t put much effort into work often having time off. Victim narcissist are more likely to lash out and use violence as a manipulative form of control, they like to think they are superior and of super intelligent, but although they play a very good part they lack great intelligence, they tend to present themselves who needs someone to look after them. So most people with empathy will want to help them. They play on the partners caring side. In order to be taken care off, they draw people in as people tend to deal sorry for them and the story’s that are mostly lies that they tell about their lives, they are still entirely self centred. They will still provide plenty of bullshit story’s, just not as grand as other narcissist, they are more likely to pull hair, damage properties, strangle to keep their partner in check and they’ll still blame the partner for this. “ if you didn’t get in my face” “ if you’d leave me alone” “ if you’d give me space” all because you caught them out on something and dared to ask them. They often lack financial resources and look to single parents to put a roof over their heads, coming in like a whirlwind of how helpful loving and catering they are and if only someone would give them a chance. They soon turn extremely lazy once they’ve got their feet under the table.

They give little flattery to their parents turning it on now and again when they can be bothered, and they will happily bleed their partners financial dry. They will financially help a little just to keep their partner second guessing. Then they’ll play the poor me card so you feel sorry for them and help them out more, whilst questioning yourself, if you question them you’ll get the “ do you not remember when I brought this for the house” often something in the beginning”

The victim narcissist will often be ill, headaches is a great one they play on. Also bad backs, if they can not pin point an illness they’ll often make ones up like injured knee, this is why headaches are the best that they use, this is also a tactic to use to gain more empathy from partners.

They have low energy, now and again showing a little energy just to keep the game going, they’ll often let people and plans down as they simply can not be bothered. Often blaming you as to why they can not go, joint event “ they’d love to but you don’t want to”.

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