Narcissist, lesser, mid range or greater,

A lesser narcissist

They are usually low functioning and have no clue what they are or what they are doing, still blame shifting and projection like most Narcissist they have great a need to use people like any other narcissist. The Hoover from a Lesser Narcissist will not be as intense once they realise you are no longer interested they will seek someone new instead as this is easier for them. They will only hoover if the ex is to them offering it on a plate, which a lot of us do through trauma bond. They have love energy levels and see little to be gained in higher steak approaches, because they are low energy they simply can not be bothered and always chose the easiest route for themselves. A lesser is not usually interested in punishment.

A mid range narcissist has a reasonable amount of energy and will work harder to achieve the goals, they will work harder and push harder than a lesser in the hoover. The mid range will achieve punishment if it’s easy to do so.

The greater narcissist, are very high functioning, often high up in society with high power jobs, but not always.

They are well aware of what the do , they do not care for the damage or chaos left behind even though they know they’ve done it. They have great levels of energy and the hoover is intense, they like to crush ex’s and ruthless in punishment, towards ex’s. These are the ones people tend to have to move far away from to get free.

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