Happiness for yourself and your children

Happiness, for yourself and your children starts from within.

You might be left in a whole range of emotions once you’re out of a relationship with a narcissist. If they left you or if you finally decided enough is enough, you might hate them, if you look more deeply you might actually still love them but don’t want to admit it. The key thing to remember in this situation is you need to concentrate on yourself, you need to focus and help you, it’s not selfish, been the best possible you and a happy confident person, reflects greatly on yourself those around you and your children.

You need to take time to reflect on what’s happened proses it, write it down if needed, then write steps you’ll put into place to move forward with your life.

Simple easy steps are the best place to start these small steps soon leaf onwards and upwards to greater things for yourself. Look at the biggest building around you, Or google large buildings, look at the photo when you have down time and think, that wasn’t just put up, it was achieved with one small brick at a time with great foundations to keep it tall.

Start with changing your own mindset, listen closely to how you talk to yourself. If you tell yourself you can’t you won’t.

Tell yourself you can do it, mistakes and set backs happen, don’t let them hold you back, take them and use them on your own journey, to learn grow develop and change.

Be kind to those around you, the kinder you are within yourself and to other the more positive people you will naturally draw into your life. Positivity like to surround itself with positivity, be accountable for your own actions and deal with your own consequence first before helping others.

If you don’t have a routine in place yet for your or your children, start a one today with small steps, or build on the one you have to make it better, we can always change, learn grow and develop, with the house start with quick fix easy tasks, one example is empty the bin, it takes two minutes and you’ve achieved something no matter how small.

Exercise, you may already do this you may loath this, exercise really helps with the body and mind, helping you feel better about you. Again simple small steps, put some happy music on, music helps too, and dance around the home with your children, even if it’s only 10 mins, the feel good and laughter and exercise you will get will help you and your children’s mood.

Or instead of driving to the park take a walk with your children, stop and ask them what they can hear, take the sounds in, take the sights in, take photos, start creating simple happy memories.

If you work you probably have a routine at work, start to implement a routine in your personal life it really helps.

If you don’t have much time and have to drive everywhere if you have a car, park further away it all mounts up.

Once you get control of your own mind, your own happiness, your own life, you and your children will benefits greatly.

Right a list of small tasks you’d like to achieve over the next free months and tick them off as you accomplish these, if you’ve not done one ask yourself why and what you could do to change it.

Reach out for help if needed. Nothing wrong in asking for help. If someone asked you no doubt you’d want to help them.

Get yourself a life coach or follow one on Facebook.

If your children need extra help surrounding the current situation, especially if the ex plays mind games, get them a child phycologist to help them through, this will also teach them from a young age it’s ok to reach out for help.

Talk positivity to your children, never ever slate the other parent to the children, no matter what the other parent did, this only confuses the children more. Children will thrive with one happy stable parent. Make sure that parent is you.

You can not control others but you can control yourself.

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