Self help after relationship with narcissist ex for you and your children

Accept that you cannot change your ex. Acceptance is the first step towards moving forward with your life.

The only person you can change is you and how you handle any given situation.

If your ex is always trying to get at you, they’re holding themselves back. Please don’t let them hold you back too.

Do your best to Stay neutral around your children. You must resist any temptation to respond in return, to your children and especially not your ex this will just give them motive to continue. Validate your children’s feelings about your ex’s behaviour let them know it’s ok to feel how they do and it’s not their fault. Give the children a safe space to explore those feelings without negative comment or judgement.
Just try explaining to your child if the say anything about what the other parent has said. Something like “I’m sorry they said that to you, thank you for telling me I’m proud of you. they might just be having a bad day, it’s not your fault, mummy’s or daddy’s, we all have to adjust to change and we will all be ok, you can always talk to ( name whoever they can talk to) you’re not alone in this we are all here to help each other”

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