Narcissist, what they believe and how they treat their children.

Narcissist some of what they believe and how they can treat their children.

They believe and do Behave as they want to. They happily Ignoring rules and don’t believe they have to abide by them. They will Never accept blame Rarely apologising they only time they will apologise is if they want something from you or they are hoovering you. They will not help in any scenario be it work or home. They love Making and then breaking agreements Failing to pay in respect of obligations such as bills, They have grand ideas and make great plans with you but rarely act on these often blaming you or denying making these arrangements. Repeatedly lying to maintain the avoidance of accountability Of those challenging them. The only way to beat them is to remove them from your life. This is rather impossible when it comes to having children together. The younger the children, the more the narcissist uses them, they believe they are an extension of themselves, young children look to the parents for everything, narcissist love this and try to mould and shape them, they find this easier with children as they are trying to form the child to how they want them to act. We all know parents are here to guide children to who they want to be. Narcissist don’t see this they just see disobedience and disloyalties. As children get older narcissist become less interested in them, especially if they are not following the narcissist rules, this is why it’s so important to limit contact, so your child can still know the other parent but so they can have time and space to learn and grow into who they are, narcissist isn’t recognised in a lot of courts or family services, it is become more known to professionals.

They do find children an inconvenience a lot of the time, so they’ll either never see the children, yet all blame will be laid at the other parents door for not allowing them to see them. them other narcissist love to use them as an extension of themselves for their own gains of the grand story’s they tell others about what a great parent they are, how amazing the children are. They will pick them up when convenient or needed and drop them when not, they will happily with no shame use them to get their next partner drawn into the lies. by showing others what a great parent they are but these people only get a glimpse, plus narcissist are great story tellers and liars to others, they are so great because they often believe themselves. If you have more than one child narcissist will usually have one as the golden child, the golden child usually, naturally conforms to the narcissist demands, they are still affected as when they don’t conform, they receive cruelty, criticism and silent treatment, until they learn how not to go against the parent, they give up their authentic self to please the parent this can lead for an already very shy, quite, scared individual to be extremely confused. Not trusting others yet trusting the narcissist parent whist questioning everything and everyone in the world.

The scapegoat child is usually more strong willed and willing to challenge the narcissist parent, which angers the parent, they receive the same, cruelty, criticism and silent treatment as the golden child yet more often. Because the scapegoat is constantly blamed in child hood, because they have more adversity in child hood, they often find the inner strength a lot sooner, this inner strength often helps them distance themselves from the parent a lot sooner.

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