Narcissist, toxic, negative ex’s and your children

If your ex is a narcissist, toxic person or just an idiot when it comes to the children you have together the same rules apply to help raise happy confident well rounded kids, if no safeguarding issues in place, let your children see and get to know the other parent for themselves. Children can, will and do thrive with one healthy parent. Stopping contact although You may think it’s in the best interest of the children it can create more harm and they grow up with an image of the other parent in the heads which isn’t a true image, they may grow up resenting you for not allowing contact. Then you have an adult that’s not close to either parent. It’s really hard but if it possible it can be done, put the children’s needs first. Then make sure you are a positive happy influence on them that doesn’t slate the other parent. The other parent may think they are getting at you through your children. This will backfire. Your children will always love both parents, they will grow up knowing which was around for them no matter what, who was the kind and loving parent. It really works. It’s not easy most things that are worth doing are not easy but they can be the most rewarding, especially when you realise you raised positive children that surround themselves with positive people and can spot negative people a mile away.

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