Narcissist ex help

Toxic people never see the problem they are creating as it’s always someone else’s fault.

If you are feeling guilty, questioning yourself, is it you or them. They are the toxic person not you.

Three sides to every story, their side, your side and in the middle is the truth.

Stop all contact with toxic people if you can and surround yourself with positive ones. Make yourself a positive person, change the story you’re telling yourself into a good one, then make your own life great. better things will come only you can make it happen. You can ask for help to do this but you have to make the change.

If you can not stop all contact limit it, you do not need that kind of negativity in your life. Be with people that raise you up and make yourself a better you, cut ties with those that bring you down.

You may feel guilty cutting them out, but you’ve tried to the point it’s detrimental to your own mental well being. you can not help people who are unwilling to help themselves. Xxx

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