Helping your children grow happy and healthy when other parent is a narcissist. Love languages of children

We all know our children need food, and love. Love comes from the 5 love languages of children. Try to work out your child’s top two, provide as much as you can so they feel Safe and loved at home.

Physical touch, hugs, kisses, high 5’s, pat on the back, sit on knee for a cuddle etc

Words of affirmation, I love you, I care about you, I’m proud of you etc.

Quality time, the gift of presence. Shows they are important and confirms to them you like spending time with them. To sit with them reading a story together, tickling them etc all cover quality time as well as physical touch. Even if you have lots of children, busy job. Just try and make 5 min everyday for quality time.

Gifts. Most people love gifts, remember to take account the reaction from your child when they receive a gift. A child can not be brought, it may seem like the primary love language but if they’re not receiving any other love language, in adult hood the gift you have will not account for much.

Acts of service. This doesn’t mean jump to your child’s every demand just like buying a gift just because they beg, don’t do that.
Helping them fix something if they ask. Helping them to work out an answer for themselves with homework etc. Will teach them you are there for them. But also they have a can do attitude to learn for them selves.


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