Help yourself after relationship with a narcissist

if you’ve recently left your ex or they’ve recently you. The time is now, the time is to focus on yourself, believe you can do it, anything is possible, if another human can do it so can you, treat yourself to love and kindness.

It’s time to start focusing on you. The best possible you, will be the most beneficial to your children and yourself.

Take up exercise if you don’t already do so. Start a new daily routine for yourself or adjust the one you already have.
If you want to lose weighg tell yourself you can and you will. Don’t go drastic but go get your hair done. Treat yourself to new clothes this will all help you feel better and more you. Fill your time on your children and yourself. Walk with your shoulders back head held high and a smile on your face. The complements will soon start coming, take them in own them. If any one says anything only take the positive from it. If you need to, then fake it until you make it. You will make it, Believe in yourself anything is possible with the correct mind set and thoughts.

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