Anxiety after a relationship with a toxic narcissist ex

Once you’ve come out of a relationship with a toxic person, you may come to realise you’re now suffering with anxiety, what is your anxiety based on? One example can be your weight, you may comfort eat to make yourself feel better, this will have a negative effect on your anxiety, when you reach for the comfort food try going for a run instead, or start with a simple walk, this may feel unreachable, but if others can do it so can you, it will help not only your mind but also your body. Try keeping a food diary so you can see what you are eating, put notes at the side of each food to how you were feeling when you ate that food. Instead of reaching for the food next time try dining something positive for yourself, even if it’s just putting a wash on. Not only will you feel better for not comfort eating, you’ll feel better for getting a task done.

That is just one example people suffer with anxiety over lots of issues. You can over come these issues with positive steps.

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