Single after a narcissist relationship self help

When you’re now newly single after a relationship with a narcissist, you will be angry, upset, hurt, lots of emotions, thoughts about mistakes you made? Did that really happen? Who actually where they? Was it my fault?
You may also want and need closure, something this person will never give you, you may even want revenge.

To get revenge, the best revenge is simply move on with your own life and make it better, cut them out,

Closure accept that book is closed what happened, happened learn from it move on and start a new book.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions but try not to dwell to long on them.

Write a letter to the ex explaining how you feel, cry whilst doing so if you need to, then destroy it however you wish to do so, Do not send it this is for you only. You must destroy it after you’re moving forwards not backwards, you can always write another and destroy if you need to do so.

Then write a letter of who you were before you met them, what you liked about yourself and your life no matter how big or how small, small steps are the best to start the ground work of you becoming yourself again. Then write how you’re going to get these thing back, baby steps put goals you’d like to achieve, you will get to where you want to be if you put your mind to it, keep this letter in three months write another of what you have achieved, what obstacles you’ve over come and where you’d like to go now.

If you don’t think you’ve moved forward, pull out the first letter of steps you told yourself and look for what you have achieved no matter how small. Praise yourself then go again. You can do it.

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