Look around

My ex husband cheated, with the next door neighbor who was my friend. It hurt like hell at the time, but I had 5 amazing years on my own. I know they say don’t look back look at today, I love looking back because those things I achieved in those 5 years I wouldn’t have achieved if he’d had stayed faithful. It was a clue to get out. As much as I thought at the time I wanted to keep my family together and loved him.

Then I let him in the ex, when my eyes met his I was smitten, just like when my eyes met my ex husband, my gut screamed within weeks it was wrong, but I was hooked I was in love, I cared, my feelings where just because I’d come so far and I was scared of been hurt like that again. My head and my heart was so wrong and my gut was so right. People I know it’s hard sometimes but you really need to listen to your gut instinct.

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